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Axismatics Optical Sdn Bhd is an optical trading company in 2019, under the division of Axismatics Professional Institute. Axismatics Optical is striving to support the optical industry by supplying reliable optical products and services, as well as offering unique and innovative lens solutions.


Axismatics Optical is enthusiastic in constantly introducing newest innovative technologies and only sourcing from the best around the world aiming to provide a wide range of lens options and materials, enabling meticulous personalization of each pair of spectacles to meet every wearer’s requirement.


Axismatics Professional Institute, the parent of Axismatics Optical, has been offering the Fellow of British Dispensing Optician (FBDO) program leading to a licensed optician qualification since its inception in 1996. Up to date, statistic has shown that more than 1,500 Malaysian students have qualified to be opticians and are now working or running  their own optical outlets throughout Malaysia.

As the alma meter of most opticians in Malaysia over the last 25 years, Axismatics Professional Institute believes that it has come to the right time to evolve, develop and expand by venturing directly into the business world of optics.


With the establishment of Axismatics Optical, we are able to introduce to the optical industry a wide range of good quality Axismatics branded Rx lenses, stock lenses, frames, and other innovative lens solutions and materials. We are committed to provide all the best possible support
services to our clients, especially our Axismatics alumni.


To be a leading catalyst in Malaysia optical industry in providing quality and value-for-money products for the benefits of all users.


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Axismatics products are constantly enhanced by the introduction of new innovative technologies available in this evolving market, such as Camber technology and Digital Ray-Path Technology.

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We source from the best around the world to establish a wide range of Axismatics branded good quality of lens solutions and materials. We also opt for Younger Optics from USA as our current main source of high quality lens solutions and materials.

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Axismatics Optical provides a wide range of lens personalization, enabling our clients and wearers to personalise their own pair of spectacles, tailor-made to optimize wearers’ visual comfort.

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